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 Corrigendum 6 - Freezing proposals submission deadline for ALL JSMP schemes

Support for export development


This scheme mainly concerns providing assistance in developing and implementing export plans.

Activities such as visiting the target markets, organising marketing events, preparing advertising and communication tools, developing and registering brands in the target countries, realising market research and undertaking capacity building activities are eligible.


Not less than 1 month and up to 12 months

Size of grants

Not exceeding EUR 100.000

JEDCO’s Maximum contribution*

90% of the total eligible cost for companies outside Amman or women owned businesses.

80% of the total eligible cost for companies inside Amman.

Provided that the applicant should only apply for 60% of equipments costs in his action budget 

*The rest of the budget should be financed by the SME own resources*



JSMP - Grant Scheme 2

 Call For Proposal

Grant Scheme 2: Support to export development

 Reference: JE/ JSMP /Sch2/2-2010/JO


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